Transition Edinburgh South (TES) works with local people and community organisations to regenerate greenspaces and community buildings


Growing food that is good for people and planet; blending growing with community health, learning, and volunteering programmes and events that reduce social isolation, mental ill health and poverty, improve health and community connections, increase bio-diversity and reduce carbon pollution

Increasing opportunities for volunteering and supporting local grassroots projects

Working with local residents and community organisations to develop the buildings and greenspaces where we are based and in surrounding communities

Working to improve the environments where we are based, by tackling the impacts of climate change, reducing carbon pollution, increasing bio-diversity, and promoting sustainable development and regenerative horticulture

We are based at the Gracemount Community Garden where, since 2013, we use organic and ecological techniques that regenerate the soil while growing fruit and veg for the community.


We work with the Friends of the Mansion to set up a Gracemount Development Trust to develop the buildings and greenspaces surrounding the garden.

We work with a range of statutory and voluntary agencies to support local community greenspace projects across South Edinburgh. 


We have built up strong connections with local schools, community organisations and health and social care services. 


We are part of the Transition Movement which “is a movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world”.