Past Projects

TES has run a variety of projects in different areas of south Edinburgh over the past few years – some of whose activities are now continuing under separate organisations.

Brief summaries of some of these projects are given below, with links to relevant information elsewhere.

Switched On to Switching Off was a home energy project with a particular focus on Woodburn Terrace, Morningside.  It ran until 2011, with support from the Climate Challenge Fund.  Tenement residents were interviewed about their energy use and given advice on ways to reduce energy consumption in their homes.

Transition for All ran from April 2011 to March 2012, with funding from the Climate Challenge Fund, and encompassed a range of activities including Carbon Conversations (see below), home energy advice, food projects, engagement with schools in Gilmerton and Gracemount, and a community mapping exercise.

Carbon Conversations is a six-session course in personal sustainability which encourages people to get together over a cup of tea to discuss practical ways of reducing their carbon footprint.  TES ran a series of courses, most recently in spring 2012.

The Open Community Singing Group was set up in May 2011 to give TES members and friends an opportunity to sing together and to share ideas on TES activities and related topics. It had some funding as part of Transition for All, and when this came to an end in March 2012 there was enough enthusiasm for the group to continue on a self-funding basis. The singing group meets on Thursday evenings (6:30-8:30pm) at the Eric Liddell Centre, welcomes new members, and has a website at where further details can be found.

Abundance Edinburgh harvests fruit growing in and around Edinburgh that might otherwise go to waste, and puts it to good use – giving it to local charities and community groups, holding apple pressing events and handing out juice, and promoting fruit preserving and cooking within the community. It was set up as a TES initiative in 2009, received support under Transition for All in 2011-12, and is now an autonomous organisation with its own website:

Remade in Edinburgh provides resources and encouragement for people wishing to reuse and repair things rather than throw them away, and campaigns for moves towards a zero-waste society.  It has its own premises and a website here: