Benefits and drawbacks of outdoor Internet

Here we are at Gracemount having a website editing session – Fergus (from TES), Donna, Richard and Sarah along with a few of the garden volunteers.

In the office, which is in the basement of a stone-walled building, we found that we couldn’t get a reliable mobile Internet connection.  So we moved to a table in the garden where the phone could get a clear view of the network.  This is definitely better from an Internet connection point of view, but… there’s so much daylight that we can hardly see the screen.

The other good thing is that it’s a desk with a view – raised beds with rhubarb and potatoes and beans and nasturtiums and chard and carrots and courgettes and beetroot and leeks and spinach and lettuce, and then the hugel beds beyond those, and the tall old garden wall with its border cleared for putting in fruit trees, and beyond that the tops of trees and the cloudy Scottish sky.  Much better than sitting in a stuffy overheated office!



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