Governance and membership

TES uses the Transition model to maintain a grassroots focus where everyone has a direct influence on the projects in which they participate.  Transition seeks to put the future of the community back into the hands of its members, encouraging them to participate directly in solutions rather than outsourcing these challenges to others.  We think that, with good information, inclusive and open participation, sharing and positive visioning you and your neighbours are capable of making your own decisions about how best to prepare the place where you live for the future.

What this means for you is more autonomy, pro-activity and, generally, a better fit with participants’ views and expertise shaping each project directly.  In TES, often and ideally diverse voices work together creatively for a common goal: Transition.  Not only does this model facilitate creative work on our own specific needs, but speaking the Transition language means that idea sharing takes place on many different levels: between people and projects, with other Transition Edinburgh groups, the Scotland-wide Transition Network and Transition initiatives the world over!

Our vision for TES is to be an enabler of action by individuals and communities.  Accordingly our events are open to all (whether formal members of TES or not) and we seek to cooperate and share information and resources with other local groups with similar or compatible aims.